(GUEST POST) How To Get Items for FREE using Coupons by Frugal Diva Frenzy

(GUEST POST) How To Get Items for FREE using Coupons by Frugal Diva Frenzy

Ever wondered how to get free groceries with coupons? Is it really possible to get items for free? How do I use them to get them free?  I use to wonder the same thing and be in your shoes at one time.


I’m Debbie from  Frugal Diva Frenzy and a mom of 4 wonderful Children, who always want or need different types of foods, I figured it out. At the time I did, the Internet was all to new so there wasn’t really a way to go on and search it out like there is now. Not to mention at the time I didn’t really have the time to search it out on the internet or read a book or two about it. So I will be sharing with you the way that I match up my coupons with my stores sales flyer.


First, you do need to know your stores guidelines about coupons, Internet or manufacture coupons. There are more and more stores that are limiting the use of Internet coupons and putting restrictions on the amount they will accept. So find out your stores guide lines before using the Internet coupons. You will also want to know about the stores double coupon days and how much you can double a coupon up to. Double coupon days are where you can take a coupon usually up to $1.


If your new to using coupons and matching up coupons, there are plenty of blogs that do store ads and coupon match-ups for you, so  just do a search for “Store name” deals for the current date. It will pull up the current store match-ups for you. Once your use to doing it by yourself you will be able to spot the deals as you look at the ads. So don’t get frustrated when you first start, take your time learning and getting use to how it works.


So with that said I will go into matching up your coupons with the sales ads so you can get free items. Knowing the prices in the stores you shop at also helps to know if it’s a deal and how to get free items.  I have the following stores in my; a CVS, Walgreens, Pick N Save, Piggly Wiggly as well as other stores. I know which stores have the products we purchase most at the least price on a daily basis. This really helps me to get items for free. And remember, if you are getting items for free that you don’t use, or have too much of, donate them to the local food pantry or give it to someone else that you know who could use it.


There are several ways that you can get Free items. You can use Rebates, Coupons, or stacked coupons. Stacked coupons is when you use a store coupon with a manufacture or Internet coupons. Rebates you purchase the item and use a Rebate to get your money back by mail from the company.  Double coupons or just using coupons to get the items for free. Here is an Ad from Pick-N-Save and Jewel so that you can see some examples of how to get items for free.




* Sunkist Tuna Pouch- 10/$10
$0.50 off Starkist Tuna Pouch
Final Price= FREE after coupon doubled

* Kashi Cereal- $2.99
$3/1 Kashi GoLean Crisp! Cereal, exp. 3-31-11 (Vocalpoint)
-$1/1 Kashi GoLean Crisp! Cereal, exp. 3-31-11 (Vocalpoint)
Final Price: As low as FREE after coupon after using $3 off coupon

* Horizon Milk Singles- 10/$10
$1 off any Horizon Product (internet coupon)
Final Price= FREE for one Single

Now with each of these examples it shows you how they are free. The first being the coupon is doubled, the second is a manufactures coupon, and the third is the internet coupon. The next ad is from Jewel and shows you how the rebates and coupons work. This is the actual deal from Jewel-Osco.



This deal was also a buy one get one free deal so you could get two packages for $.30!

* Perdue Short Cuts Chicken Strips
– $.75 off coupon from 1/9 RP (exp 3/6/2011)
Mail-in Rebate Try-me Free Perdue Short Cuts Chicken Strips
Final Price- $.30 for 2 packages


Now your also going to have your Register Rewards (Walgreens), ECB’s (CVS) and UPS ( Rite Aid) These also help you to get items for free. So do not discount your local stores with the register rewards. They also come in handy when your running low on money and can help you get through to your next pay check. We do not have a Rite Aid here but Rite Aid if you reading this could you PLEASE build one here! So I will be showing you with Walgreens and CVS deals. I do at times do the Rite Aid match-ups for my readers on my blog if there are some really good deals going on.  I do watch my dates on my ECB’s and Register rewards so that I do not miss out on using them.




* Hershey single candy bars B2G1 free
– use B1G1 free from 1/9 SS at least one must be Special Dark bar
= buy 1 get 3 free when you use two coupons

* Buy 1 Tums (60-150 ct) at $3.99, Get $1 ECB (Limit 1)
$3 CRT printing at CVS coupon scanners
Buy 2 and use $1/2 coupon from the 1/30 RedPlum insert
Or use $1/1 printable
As low as free after CVS coupon, printable and ECB

* Crest Pro-Health or Pro-Health Complete Rinse (16.9 oz) – $3.99/ea
Get $3.99 in Extra Care Bucks when you purchase 1 (limit 1)
Final Price = FREE with ECBs



* Natrol Melatonin on sale $3
Buy 1, get $3 RR
Use $2/1 coupon from 10/10 RP insert
Pay $1, get $3 RR
FREE plus $2 overage after coupon & RR

* Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil on sale $5
Spend $15, get $5 RR
Spend $20, get $10 RR
Buy 4
Use (4) $4/1 Sinex coupon from 12/26 P&G insert (expires Monday 1/31)
Pay $4 , get $10 RR
FREE plus $6 overage after coupons & RR


I have to say that these deals have helped me to stock up on many different items that we have needed. If for some reason I get sick and can’t make it to the store. I know we are fine and I can just rest and relax knowing that my family has what they need. If the kids get a cold, I can go right to my medicines find what I need and get the kids on the road to recovery quickly. Now, I should tell you that I have 3 pantries, 2 of which I purchased to hold all the items that I stock up on. 2 freezers, several stackable shelves in my bathroom, all of which hold all of my needed items. From free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more. It is very rare that we will run out of something because I restock on the next sale to keep everything stocked.


I have shown you several different ways to get free products. Now remember with the ECB’s and the Register rewards you will pay upfront then get your rewards at the end of the transaction. I hope this will help to clear up you how to get items for free. Be sure to keep an eye on coupon expiration dates, rebate dates for receipts and when to send in so you get them mailed in before the deadline.

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