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snail mail coupons

I created a list of sites that will snail mail their coupons to you to save some of us printer challenged people some frustration. I will add to the list as I find them. Be aware that many of the sites require you to sign up for their newsletters before you will receive coupons, just use your dedicated or junk email address to avoid the extra email BUT just so you know, signing-up for newsletters is the best way to have coupons mailed to you. Please let me know if you find any of the links broken.

You can also call companies and ask for coupons. If you really like a company or a product, most times, if you call and express your admiration for their products, and simply ask, they will send some coupons. It’s worth a try :)

Be sure to check your magazines for coupons, many have coupons like All You Magazine that can be purchased at Walmart.





Luigi’s  Real Italian Ice – Fill out the form to have coupons mailed to you.

Minute Maid - Fill out the form to have coupons mailed to you.

Mt. OliveSign up for the Mt. Olive email newsletter and receive a cents off coupon in the mail.

Pretzel Crisps – Sign-up to join the Pretzel Crisps Club

Whole Fruit – Fill out the form to have coupons mailed to you.


Dryel – Fill out the form to receive $2 off Dryel coupon PLUS $10 worth of coupons for other OneCARE products.

Pampers – Sign-up for the Pampers Village & Gifts to Grow Programs.



SITE SIGN-UP’S – You will get coupons.

Box Tops for Education

Eat Better America

Campbell’s Kitchen

Home Made Simple $25 Coupon Booklet


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