• wow that is a great deal, i am going to tell my mangment office so all the people here can go get it, i saw one location near here so it will be easy for them to drive to it.

  • dobiesmom814

    Have tried Angel Food – would not recommend it. Many items are substituted or just omitted from the order. Also the quality of most products is very poor. One month we threw out ribs, hamburger and sausage as they were inedible. Money wasted.

  • Bruce S

    And if you use coupon code AFMThanks10 you get ten percent off the box

  • Shawn

    If you’re looking for this type of program but would appreciate better food, try Great Food For All. Find info on their website at greatfoodforall.com.

  • Thank you for this – however, they are not in my area so I am out of luck :(